Get your Russian Tourist Voucher in 5 minutes

Invitation letter for a Russian visa from Russia SupportGetting the russian tourist voucher is the first step you will have to take before applying for a Russian visa. On this page, you can order your invitation from an agency I trust and ordered invitations myself multiple times – Russia Support.

Why should you choose Russia Support?

  • Best price guarantee – just 16 GBP
  • Fast delivery – receive your invitation, ready to print, in 5-15 minutes on your e-mail
  • Accredited by Russian Consulate – invitations issued by Russia Support are accredited by the Russian Consulates and are 100% valid. The company is officially registered with the Federal Agency of Tourist Operators of the Russian Federation (Registration Number PTO 020572)
  • 24/7 Support – if you have any questions or want to change the information in your invitation, contact the customer support on this email and get an answer within one hour: [email protected]

Attention! If you did not receive your invitation. Check the “Spam” folder of your email account.

Frequently asked questions

1) Do I need a visa support for my children?

Yes. If you are traveling with your children, you will have to get an invitation for them as well.

2) Do I have to know the hotels I will be staying in for ordering the visa support?

No. You can include the hotels (or apartments) you booked already or just plan to book. You will have to provide the name and the Russian address of the hotel. After obtaining your visa you can change or cancel the hotels anytime, you do not have to stay in the hotels you indicated in your invitation.

3) Do I have to provide hotel reservations as evidence for applying for the visa?

No. For the visa application, you will just need the data from your letter of invitation.

4) Can I stay in apartments like or Airbnb?
Sure. If you decided to stay in an apartment, write “Booking apartment” in the “Hotels” section.

5) What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay with your credit card or PayPal.

6) How will I receive my invitation?

You will receive the invitation on your e-mail within 5-15 minutes after making the payment. The system is not automatic, so it can take up to one hour on weekends or night time.

7) Can I modify the information I indicated for the invitation (typos/wrong data)

Sure. Use this contact form or send an e-mail to this address: [email protected]