The world is full of beautiful and historical places to visit. Where some places are just famous because of their beautiful infrastructure other places are also known for their historical value and meaning attached to it. Some of these breathtaking places exist in Moscow as well.

If you have the heart of a tourist and are planning to visit someplace great, St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow should be on your list. It has been listed as one of the magically gorgeous places in the world and each year thousands of tourists visit it. If you have a plan to visit st basil’s cathedral, you might be interested in the information below.

Where is St. Basil’s Cathedral Located?

If you are planning to visit this place, you must be asking yourself “Where is St. Basil’s Cathedral?” It stands on the Red Square that is one of the busiest places of the Moscow. Since it is built on the head of the square it can be seen from a great distance as well. It is also tagged as the most recognizable place in Russia. This building is full of different colors and designs that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. It is beautiful to such an extent that it would not be wrong to say that it should have a slot on everyone’s visit list.

History Attached to It

Saint Basil’s Cathedral is more of a historical place rather than just a tourist spot. It is important that you understand its place in history so you can enjoy its views when you visit. It is as important to Moscow as Eiffel Tower for French or the Statue of Liberty for America. The reason that it holds such a special place is because of its ties in history.

It reminds the people of Moscow of the day when Kazan was defeated and the last remains of the Mongol Empire were removed from the roots from the land of Moscow. It is when Ivan IV ordered the construction of st. basil’s cathedral on the Red Square in front of the Ivory Gate Chapel. It still stands on the Red Square with the same charm and keeps being the sign of the victory.

This mark of history is one of its own kind and you are guaranteed to visit no other place like it. The reason is that after the construction was completed, the king blinded the architect in order to prevent him from making another glorious architecture like it. Although it was not the first time a king did this but people still call Ivan IV a terrible king because of this step.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral: Architecture and Design

Apart from the historical value, this place is also famous for its beautiful design, colors, and architecture. It would not be wrong to say that it can easily get a place on the list of wonders of the world. It is a great culmination of colors, shapes, and patterns that make any visitor go wow for it. Although this particular way of building is a part of the Russian culture and you can notice a lot of buildings with crazy designs and color combinations but this church stands as a legend in itself.

St. Basil Cathedral Interior

Once you are done with appreciating its beauty from the outside, you will be amazed to see it from inside. It is composed of 9 chapels and all of them give good competition to each other. Each chapel’s walls are decorated with beautiful paintings and engravings. The view of these chapels are worth every penny you will spend visiting it. All of the engravings and icons are directed only in the upward direction pointing towards the height of the onion domes.

These chapels also align and points on the compass. Four of these chapels of saint basil moscow are raised in order to designate their position between Earth and heaven. One can easily notice that these chapels are dedicated to the Entry of Mary into Jerusalem, the Holy Trinity, Saints Kiprian and Ustinia, St. Nicholas Velikoretsky, St. Barlaam Khutynsky, St. Gregory of Armenia, the Three Patriarchs and St. Alexander Svirsky. If you are wondering about the 9th chapel, it was made to honor Saint Basil.

St. Basil’s Cathedral Secrets

Every place has some secrets attached to it that are not known by everyone. We are about to discover some amazingly astonishing secrets of the church. The first secret is the colors of the cathedral. While the majority of the people are attracted by its colors, it is not known by many that its colors were not added for about 200 years. It is believed that it was kept in a white color in order to match the color of Kremlin. However, the domes of the church were kept golden. It is in the 17th century that it was painted in the colors it has today. Some people suggest that these colors are taken from the Book of Revelation from the Holy Bible.

The second secret is that this church was not known as the Saint Basil Cathedral Moscow from the first day of its construction. Each era came with a new name for it. Some of the names that were used for it include Pokrovsky Sobor, Pokrovsky Cathedral, and Svyatoy Vasily Blazhenny. Now it is known as the Cathedral of the Intercession of the Virgin on the Moat or the Church of the Intercession.

The third secret reveals that the sides of the church were not made from the stone but from the wooden blocks. Queen Catherine II ordered to replace the wooden blocks and reconstruct the walls from the same stone the whole church is built from. After the reconstruction, the walls were covered in the same colors and designs to add to its beauty.
Fourthly, the people who have visited the place know that a narrow pathway can lead from one altar to another through a spiral wooden staircase. This staircase was designed to be so well-hidden that it was not observed until 1970 when the church was restored. If you get a chance to visit it, it is advised that you must try these staircases.

The last secret can be an interesting one for the people who love to visit renowned heritage sites. Most of the people know that this church is a historical place but it is known by a few that it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization has marked a total of 16 places in Russia as UNESCO World Heritage Site and this church was added on the list along with Kremlin in 1990.

The Replica of the Saint Basil’s Cathedral

A replica of the Saint Basil Cathedral in Mongolia

People love to create a replica of anything that catches the eye and the heart at the same time. Since Russian cathedral has been one of the favorite architects of the people, it has a replica as well. This replica is located in Jalainur, a city of Mongolia. It can be easily visited in northeastern Inner Mongolia about 3200 miles west of Moscow and nearly 700 miles north of Beijing. Although it is a replica of a church but people suggest that no one has ever used it as a church. This replica was hidden from the eyes of the World until a photographer called Davide Monteleone caught sight of it and then documented it.

Russian Cathedral as a Museum

This beautiful Russian church is located in the heart of Moscow. It was created as a symbol of victory and once used as a church, has been turned into a museum and sightseeing place for the tourists. Occasional church services are still performed in the church but for the majority of the days of the year, it is used by the tourists as a historical and worth-seeing place.

Although the world is full of stunning places to visit, there is no place like this cathedral church. It welcomes all the tourists and the history-lovers all year to come and admire it. You can visit this place whenever you desire as the visit here is not too costly on your budget as well. However, there are some days when the place is closed for the visitors so it is important that you check their schedule before planning a visit.

There are some cathedral rules that all the visitors must follow when inside the boundaries of the church. These rules include no touching of the restricted items, no smoking, no use of flash, no children or pets, limited size backpacks, and some others. If you are ready to visit it, all you need to do is to make a plan, book tickets, pack some stuff (do not forget your camera) and be ready to experience some of the best days of your life.
Are you ready to visit this place and live some amazing days of your life? I believe you are! Check the schedule and buy the tickets right away.


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