Russia is a majestic, magnificent country, with breathtaking landscapes, however, you will need a visa to travel there. Like all other countries, Russia has requirements for the visa photo. Did you know that bad photographs are the most common reason for the rejection of passport applications? That is why when you apply for a visa, you must ABSOLUTELY follow the Russian visa photo requirements. So, this article will include all the requirements as well as additional tips to make sure your visa photo is accepted. That way, you’ll take off in no time to Russia!

Why do I need a photo for a Russian visa?

It is mandatory to provide a photo for your Russian visa, and it must absolutely meet the requirements. Otherwise, it will not be valid and you will not be able to obtain your Russian visa (same for children).

Indeed, the Russian consulate rejects visa applications every day because of photos that don’t comply with the requirements.

Compliance with the requirements gives you a greater chance of success getting your visa accepted, a good photo will help the Russian authorities to identify you correctly.

After completing the online visa application form, you will need to provide a photo that is subject to strict requirements. In the rest of this article, you will find all the requirements as well as additional advice related to the photo of the visa.

Russian visa photo size

The size of the visa photo is a major requirement. Be sure to meet these requirements.

  • Size of 35mm by 45mm is required. Be sure to respect these dimensions, or else your application will be rejected.
  • Width: from one ear to the other, between 16mm and 20mm

Below you will find an example photo that meets all the necessary requirement (take an example from this photo).

The list of Russian visa photo requirements

In this section, you will find additional criteria that should not be ignored (failure to comply with the following criteria will result in the rejection of your application).

These points must be absolutely respected, as well as the size.

  • Stand up straight, body and face well aligned with the lens
  • You should not wear your glasses (because of the reflections, your eyes must be visible)
  • Be careful with the lighting (not too bright, not too dark)
  • Avoid sunlight reflection, especially on your face or hair (recommend artificial lighting)
  • A bright background that doesn’t match hair
  • Be careful, you must have your mouth closed.
  • Be on photographic paper
  • They must be original photos (not already existing photos)
  • The ears must be visible
  • The photo must be in high resolution (HD)
  • Your photos cannot be older than 6 months. If they are you need to get new ones taken.
  • Black and white photographs are unacceptable.

Below you will find some points to avoid absolutely. If your photo has one of these points, you will have to take a new one.

  • Twisted body
  • Face covered (or accessories)
  • Visible teeth, or a big smile and emotions
  • Hair blowing in the wind
  • Neck obscured
  • Harsh Light
  • Sunglasses or glasses
  • Hair blending with the background
  • Low-resolution photo (lower than HD quality)

Russian visa application photo specifications for babies and infants

Children or babies traveling with their parents (or friends) also need a passport and a valid visa. This, therefore, implies the possession of a visa photo. It must be an individual photo. Regardless of age, all children must comply with the Russian visa photo requirements There are specific advice and requirements to follow for children and babies.

  1. The infant’s face should face the camera, with his mouth closed and his eyes wide open
  2. Use a white (or clear) sheet to cover the car seat or to lie on the floor behind the child.
  3. There must be only the child in the picture. There must be no other people or objects. This includes parents, hands, or accessories
  4. Toys, pacifiers or other items cannot be in the picture (don’t forget them, it may compromise the application of the visa)
  5. Be sure to submit one photo of each child photographed. Group photos or missing photos will be rejected, be careful.

How much does this kind of a photo cost?

Find a place and a person to have your picture taken can be tedious and difficult. Most people are very busy and have absolutely no time for that. Don’t waste your time getting a small, derisory picture.

Fortunately, we’re living in 2019. Technology is advancing, and countries are adopting new ways to facilitate travel. Everything has changed thanks to the arrival of the Internet, even the process of obtaining a visa. A few years ago, going to the city was the ONLY way. It took a long time to get a picture, and it was very expensive.

And even now, a post-office or government facility can cost between £12 and £17. It’s not cheap, and it doesn’t match everyone’s wallet.

Fortunately, you can use certified websites that will cost a reasonable price (~£4 per photo). Below you will find a list of certified websites.

If you decide to choose any of the sites below, you still have to take the picture yourself, but the printing process is handled by the website, or by the post-office, or the government facilities.

If you can’t consider these solutions online. We advise you to visit the post-offices or the government facilities (even if the price will be higher).

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