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A Russian visa invitation letter (also known as a tourist voucher or visa support), is a document foreign tourists need in order to be able to apply for the visa. For citizens of countries that do not need a visa to enter Russia, the invitation serves as the reason for their visit to Russia. For citizens of countries that do need a visa to Russia, it’s essential for the application process.

Why do I need an invitation to Russia?

As mentioned above, the invitation serves as a document that shows your reasons for visiting Russia. It’s the first document that you need to get before applying for the visa itself. At one point during the visa application process, you’ll have to add the information from your invitation letter. It allows the local government to stay in control, and if need be, to be able to easily locate you.

What is the Russian tourist voucher and visa support?

Many people get confused about the different terms used. It’s simpler than it seems; a Russian invitation letter, tourist voucher, tourist confirmation letter and a visa support document are all the same thing. It’s a document required for a foreign tourist in order to get the visa. It’s in A4 format and confirms that you have been invited by an accredited travel company or hotel.

The most popular type of invitation to visit Russia is the tourist one. It consists of two parts, namely:

  • The tourist services contract (tourist voucher to Russia) – this is the document confirming that you will have a place to stay and provides the local authorities with information about the cities you plan to visit, as well as proof of payment for the accommodation reservation.
  • Confirmation of receiving foreign tourists (confirmation letter) – this is the confirmation of your visit presented by the hotel or the travel agency. It will also list your personal data, as well as the accommodation you’ll stay in.

But what does it actually look like?

Tourist voucher Russia example

Do you have to state the hotel you’ll stay in for the invitation letter?


For the long answer, I’ll give you a real life situation as an example. For my first visa applications, I went through the largest private agency in London. They help thousands of tourists obtain their visas every year. Each time I would drop off my passport and get a ready-made visa.

I knew that I needed an invitation, but they were taking care of it. Do you think they asked me where I was going to stay? Whether I had booked a hotel? No. I received my visa, and always saw random hotels listed that I was not going to stay in.

Now I buy my own invitations. In the “hotel” box, I don’t write anything or just leave the default option. No one will come to check whether you’re actually sleeping in the hotel you listed in the invitation.

You can sleep at a friend’s place, with locals via Airbnb or just spend the night at the train station: no problem.

When do you need to buy an invitation letter from an agency?

Let’s have a look at some situations and whether you need to buy an invitation yourself.

Will you have to buy a tourist voucher if you stay in…

  • one hotel: Maybe. The hotel may – perhaps – provide you free visa support. You should check that yourself with the hotel you booked or choose one that provides free invitation letters. (Keep in mind that if you want to change the hotel or stay in multiple hotels, you will have to get an invitation from each of them)
  • multiple hotels: Probably. Hotels may – perhaps – provide you free invitations, but it is also necessary that your file with many invitations is accepted by the consulate/embassy. The law is not very clear on this subject, it seems that many invitations are generally refused for some reason. If all the hotels you plan to stay in provide free tourist visa invitation letters, you should try submitting all of them. If your file gets refused, you will have to buy a single tourist voucher yourself.
  • Airbnb hosting: Certainly. Private residents on Airbnb cannot provide a tourist invitation letter for your visa.
    with friends/family: Certainly. As with Airbnb, locals can’t provide you with an invitation letter for a Russian visa.

What different type of invitations are there?

You will need to obtain a different type of invitation depending on the purpose of your visit and, therefore, the type of visa you plan to apply for. The most popular reasons for entering Russia include:

  • Tourism
  • Business
  • Work (as a foreign employee)
  • Private

Russian tourist visa invitation

You’ll need to get a tourist voucher to Russia in order to apply for the tourist visa. This type of invitation can be given by the hotels you booked or through a private travel agency. Most people choose to get their invitations from travel agencies, for the following reasons:

  • You don’t have to book a hotel beforehand
  • It’s easier to switch hotels or stay in multiple hotels (if you plan on getting the invitation from hotels, you’ll have to get one from each hotel you’re staying in. It’s usually a reason for authorities rejecting a visa application)
  • It’s faster (you receive it via email within a couple of minutes)

The Russian tourist invitation is issued on an official page from the company that invites you.

The information you have to provide in order to receive the tourist voucher includes:

  1. Name
  2. Surname
  3. Citizenship
  4. Date of birth
  5. Entry and exit dates from Russia
  6. Passport series and number
  7. The expiry date of your passport
  8. Reason for visiting Russia (in this case tourism)
  9. Itinerary and accommodation (you will have to indicate all the cities you plan to stay in, as well as the accommodations. Remember that if you buy the invitation from a travel agency, you can just add random hotels as your accommodation)
  10. Information from the receiving party (the hotel or travel agency) – this is the information you will need for your visa application. It’s included in your invitation and consists of the official name of the company, company address, tourist reference number, and registration number of the inviting organization.

After providing all the required information and paying for the tourist voucher, it should be sent to your email within a couple of minutes.

I have tried many companies that provide invitations and I have always obtained my visa. These companies include Action-Visas, DestinationRussia, Invite Russia, and Voyage Expo.

Yep, I’ve already bought a £35 invitation at Action-Visas but that was before I knew better. Now I know that a tourist invitation is much cheaper if you go to the right agencies.

We negotiated the rate of £16 per tourist invitation through an agency called “Russia Support“. I’ve checked their registration with the Russian authorities and since they’re legit, have since used their service many times.

Get a Russian visa invitation letter online from Russia Support for 16 pounds

Russia Support is an officially registered travel agency that provides tourist and business invitations. I’ve now used their services for several years, and always recommend them to my friends and family who are in need of a tourist voucher in order to apply for the visa. The price of a tourist invitation is just £13.90, and you receive the invitation to your email within a couple of minutes after you make the payment.

Order your invitation here

Below, you can find an example on how to fill in the form for ordering your invitation.

Russia Tourist voucher application

Russian tourist voucher

Russian tourist invitation application form

After filling in the form, as shown above, you have to check if the data you entered is correct, and pay. In a couple of minutes after making the payment, you should have the visa support sent to your e-mail.

Important! If you don’t see the invitation, be sure to check the SPAM folder. Rarely it can end up there.

Get a Russian invitation letter from Visa Partner

Visa Partner is another travel agency that I’ve used and can recommend. The company is also an officially registered travel agency. They offer visa support letter to Russia for £17.

This company has a pretty interesting process… After you complete the form to order the tourist voucher, you’ll receive an email with the voucher itself alongside a request for payment details. In other words, you receive the invitation BEFORE making the payment. Do not try, however, to avoid paying for the document – the company can contact the Russian Ministry and your visa application will be rejected.

Order your invitation now and pay after you receive it!

Below, you can find the step-by-step process of filling in the order form.

Russian tourist visa invitation from iVisa

Russian tourist visa invitation from iVisa application form

Private invitation

In order to visit Russia to visit friends or family (and stay at their residence), you’ll have to obtain a Private Russian visa. The private invitation is the hardest to get. This is why many tourists that go to Russia to visit loved ones do so on a tourist visa.

If you want to invite a friend, family member or acquaintance that has foreign citizenship to visit you in Russia and stay at your place, you’ll have to send them a private invitation. The private invitation is issued after a personal request from a citizen of Russia at the Federal Migration Service at the place of his/her residence.

No other organization or company can request or offer a private invitation. The person that invites you for a visit will have to present the following documents:

  • Filled form of request of a private invitation
  • Passport copy of the person invited
  • Letter of guarantee, in which the person inviting you accepts the responsibility to provide the invitee with shelter and financial and medical support.

Besides this, the person inviting you takes complete responsibility for the invitee respecting the Russian laws as well as paying the fees for the letter itself alongside the other application processing costs.

Basically, obtaining a private visa takes more time, effort and money, but provides the same thing as a tourist visa.

Business invitation

You will need to obtain a business invitation in order to obtain a Russian business visa. The business and work invitations require the same information:

  1. Type of visa
  2. Number of entries to Russia
  3. Your citizenship
  4. Your country of residence
  5. Date of your (first) entry to Russia
  6. Date of your first (exit) from Russia
  7. Your name and surname
  8. Your gender
  9. Birthdate, country, and city
  10. Passport number, date of issue and expiry date
  11. Information about the company that issued the invitation
  12. Your itinerary (the cities and hotels you’ll stay in)
  13. Your work information (company name and address, your position, the work phone)
  14. The consulate where you will take your documents

Get the invitation for a business visa from Russia Support

As an accredited travel agency, Russia Support can offer business invitations for foreign citizens looking to visit Russia for business reasons.

The price of the invitation starts at just £29 (for a one-month, single-entry invitation).

Order your invitation for the Business visa here.

Below you can find the steps for ordering your Russian business support.

Russian business visa invitation application

Ordering a Russian invitation letter for a business visaBusiness invitation to Russia

Russian business invitation ordering form

Get the invitation for a business visa from Visa Partner

Visa Partner is another travel agency you can order your business visa invitation from. Bear in mind that, just like the tourist invitation, you receive your invitation BEFORE making the payment.

Start the process of getting the invitation here.

Check the example on how to fill the form below.

FMS invitation for a Russian Business visa

Russian business invitation letter application

Order a russian business visa application

Order a business invitation letter for Russia

Work invitation for Russia

A work invitation for Russia is a necessary document needed for a foreign citizen to obtain a Russian work visa. This type of visa allows you to stay in Russia for the whole period of validity of your visa, which can be from 1 to 3 years. The process of getting a work invitation is rather complicated. In the case of highly-skilled employees that are going to work for a Russian company, the company will usually do the whole process for the employee, or at least help them along the way.

The Russian work invitation consists of the following information:

  • Name of the company-employer
  • Number of specialists employed
  • Work position
  • Other important information (personal information of the employee)

How long does it take to obtain the work invitation for Russia?

In order to obtain the document, the company-employer will have to request it from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, with all of the required documents. After receiving the invitation, the employee can start the process of getting the Russian work visa. The time you will have to wait for the visa is highly dependant on the rules of the Consulate where you applied for it.

Documents needed for obtaining the Russian work invitation

In order for your employer to issue the invitation, you’ll have to present the following documents and information:

  1. Copy of the employee’s foreign passport
  2. Translation of the passport in Russian certified by a notary
  3. Copy of the bachelor (or/and higher) diploma
  4. Translation of the diploma in Russian, certified by a notary
  5. Passport photos (4 photos, 3.5×4.5 cm)
  6. The actual residence address of the employee
  7. The country and the city where the foreign citizen plans to receive the Russian work visa
  8. Cities that the employee will visit in Russia
  9. The residence address in Russia
  10. Expected date of entry

Invitation to Study in Russia

Student invitations are intended for foreign citizens that were accepted as students in one of Russia’s universities. If you were officially accepted as a student by a Russian University, the University will send you the invitation.

Attention! You will need the original document for the visa application.

How long is the invitation valid for?

The invitation is valid for three months.

Russian Visa Invitation Letter: My Experience

At first, all these formalities scared me and left me feeling pretty stressed me out. As time goes by (I have already obtained more than 10 visas to Russia by myself), the process becomes less daunting, though I’m still always a bit nervous when I submit my application.

And yet, thus far I’ve never been refused.

Russian Visa Invitation Letter Sample

Here are some examples of tourist Invitation for getting a visa to Russia:

Click here to get a Russian visa invitation starting for just 16 pounds.

I hope this information has helped you. Let me know if you have any further questions or need some more tips in the comments, I’ll gladly answer all of them!


  1. Maya Thomas Reply

    Thank you for the article. Ordered my invitation from Russia support and just got it, was like 15 min.

    • Anna Orlova Reply

      Hey, glad to hear it helped you! Enjoy your trip to Russia.

      • Amandeep singh Reply

        Mam today I applied tourist invitation letter online and I paid money but I did a small mistake that I forget to write L in (gmail). How to recorrect it and how much time it take to receive my invitation letter.

  2. Joseph Howarth Reply

    The hotel I booked asked me to pay 30 pounds for my invitation, good that I found your article before I paid anything and got my invitation twice as cheap. Thanks!

    • Anna Orlova Reply

      Hey. Yeah, as you’ve read in the article, the hotel owners figured that they can earn some money on tourists that don’t really know how it works. Glad I helped you save some money!

  3. Eva Gilbert Reply

    My Airbnb host said he could provide me an invitation letter. In your article you say it is not possible. Who should I trust?

    • Anna Orlova Reply

      Hey, it is possible to get an invitation from your Airbnb host. The thing is that it takes a lot of time and paperwork for the host to be able to offer you the invitation letter. Moreover, when you arrive you will have to go do some paperwork with your host as well. It is up to you what to choose. In the end, the costs of an invitation from your private host could go way higher than you expect, this is why I advise you to get a visa from an agency.

  4. Corey Howe Reply

    Hey, what if I said in my invitation that will stay in one hotel, and then decide to stay in another one? Is there going to be any problem with that?

    • Anna Orlova Reply

      Hello. No, I have done it myself, having a hotel written in my invitation and staying in another, or even at friends or family. It is completely fine, no one will check that.

  5. I ordered my invitation from Russia support. Two hours have passed and I still did not receive the invitation on my e-mail. Is that a scam?

  6. hello
    i want to visit Moscow again i was there it in world cup
    i get tourist invitation but consul say no tourist visa to Libyan people
    just guest visa
    any one help me i will pay all

    • Anna Orlova-Watson Reply

      Hey Ali, there is a list of countries that are considered immigration risk countries, Libya is part of the risk. You can still obtain a visa, but please contact the Russian Consulate or Embassy in your country for more details.

  7. Are you can sent me voucher and touristic invitation
    Am ciztien tunisian
    Best regards

    • Anna Orlova-Watson Reply

      Hey, I am not a representative of a tour operator so I cannot provide the invitations myself. However, you can find a couple of recommendations in this article. I have used the services of the companies in this article myself and can totally recommend them. Good luck with getting your visa and enjoy your trip to Russia!

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