A new online visa application form has been created by the Russian Government, the instructions below are tips to help you throughout the application process.

I recommend printing this tip sheet and refer to it as needed while you are completing the online application form.

Please do not leave any fields blank on the application, this is important because blanks field may cause a delay in the issuing of your visa.

Russia Support is able to offer the Russian Visa Support/Invitation for applicants, if you require this service please go to our Russian Federation page and follow the instructions.

In order to access the online application, you will need Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher, click here to download a free version. The Online Russian Application functions only with Internet Explorer Version 7.0 and above, Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and above, Google Chrome or Opera. Every modern browser should work well.

Start the application process here.

Step 1

Your first step will be to select the country from where will be applying for your visa (United Kingdom) and select English under hints and help language. Check the box next to I have read this information and then click on Complete new application form.

Russian visa application first step

You will now create a password and enter the unique code.The next page will provide you with the identification number of your electronic visa application, write this number down so you will be able to refer back to your application if need be, also make a note of the password you created.

Step 2: Filling in the online visa application form

  1. Select Nationality: Select your nationality from the drop-down menu.
  2. Purpose of Visit: From the three dropping menus, select your reason for going to Russia. i.e Tourism. This will determine the type of Russian visa you want to get.
  3. Number of Entries: Select the number of entries based on your Visa Support/Invitation and number of entries required to complete your trip. You can choose between Single, Double or Multiple entries.
  4. Date of Entry: Provide the exact date of entry into Russia.
  5. Date of Departure: Provide the exact date of departure from Russia.

*The date of Entry/Departure MUST match the dates on your Visa
Support/Invitation/Voucher. Don’t have an invitation yet? No worries, you can get it here in 5 minutes!

Russian visa application step 2

Click NEXT to Continue.

  1. Surname/Last Name: As it appears in your passport, (please include any suffix, i.e Jr, Sr, etc.)
  2. First Name, middle name, patronymic: As it appears in your passport.
    Note: “Patronymic” refers to any middle names that are in your
  3. Other Names: List all other names you have used in the past, enter one name per field. Use the “ADD” button if necessary.name per field.
  4. Sex: Enter your gender.
  5. Date of Birth: Enter your date of birth DD/MM/YYYY.
  6. Place of Birth: Enter your place of birth, as shown in your passport. If
    you were born in Russia answer “YES” and enter the name of the country
    which you immigrated to and the date you immigrated.
  7. Marital Status: If you are/have been married provide your spouse’s information

Russian visa application - Personal details

Click the button NEXT to continue.

  1. Type of Passport: Select TOURIST as your type of passport unless you have a diplomatic or official passport.
  2. Passport Number: Enter your passport number exactly as it appears in your passport.
  3. Date of issue and expiration: Enter exactly as shown in your passport. Passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your stay in Russia.
  4. Passport Issued by: Authority that issued your passport.

russian visa application - passport details

Click NEXT to continue.

  1. Which institution are you going to visit: Enter the travel company or hotel name and address that issued your Invitation/Voucher to visit Russia.
  2. Tourist Company Reference Number: This is the number of the Tourist Organization/Hotel that issued your invitation for visit to Russia. This number is usually six digits long.
  3. Number of Confirmation: Please enter the digits located on top of the invitation. Normally 4-5  digits.
  4. Itinerary: List all cities that you plan to visit in Russia according to your Visa Support/Invitation/Hotel(s). Use the “ADD” button to enter more cities.
  5. Medical Insurance: Please check “yes” or “no”. Specify the name of your insurance provider if checked ‘yes”.
  6. Who Will Pay for Trip and Stay: Select “Independently” if you paying for yourself. If you are underaged, you should select “Other Individual” if your parents are paying and fill in their information.
  7. Name, full address and phone number of the hotel(s) in Russia that you plan to stay in: For Tourist visits you  must provide the name of the hotel(s) you will be staying in, if you are providing the tourist invitation letter on  your own the information will be listed under accommodation on the voucher, if you bought your invitation letter from Russia Support, you can add random hotels or just leave the field in the invitation empty and the agency will fill it in with random hotels. Make sure that the hotels in the visa application form are the same as in your invitation. Use the “ADD” button to enter more places of stay.

russian visa application - visit details

Select NEXT to continue.

  1. Have you ever been arrested or convicted: If you answer “YES” please provide a Police Report.
  2. Answer “YES or “NO” to all other questions on this page: Note: you must list your specialized skills or experience related to firearms IF your current job requires firearms training or you answered “YES” to the questions: Have you ever performed military service? And have you ever been involved in armed conflicts?

russian visa application form - additional information

Select NEXT to continue.

  1. List all educational institutions you have attended: You can list two institutions(University or College)  including their names, addresses, and date of admission and graduation. To add a second institution use the “ADD” button.
  2. List your last two places of work, excluding the current one: If you have changed your job you must list a maximum of two previous places of work. Use the “ADD” button to enter the second place of employment.

Select NEXT to continue.

  1. Have you ever been issued a Russian visa before: If you answer “YES” list the approximate Month, Year and place of Issue.
  2. Has your passport ever been lost or stolen: Select “YES” or “NO”
  3. Countries you have visited in the last 10 years: If you answer YES, list countries you have visited the best of your memory. List all countries in your current passport which have an entry/exit stamp.
  4. List all countries which have ever issued you a passport: Select yes if you have been issued a passport from a country other than the one you are using for this application

russian visa application - last visit details

Select NEXT to continue.

  1. Parents Information: List the names and dates of birth of your parents. You can use either your mother’s maiden or married name.
  2. Home Address: Provide the full street address, City, State and Zip Code, phone and fax number and email address.
  3. Present occupation, name, and address of employer: Provide your employment information with the full address and phone number of your company and your title.
    If you are retired, choose “Retired” and provide your FULL home address Street, City, State, Zip code, phone number, and Email Address. If you are self-employed, or freelancer, choose “Homemaker” and provide your FULL home address Street, City, State, Zip code, phone number, and Email Address. If you are a student list “Student” plus FULL name and address of the school you currently attend.
  4. Do you currently have relatives in Russia: Unless you have Russian relatives. Answer “NO”. If you do have relatives in Russia, choose “YES” and provide their personal information.

Visa application for Russia - Miscellaneous information

Click NEXT to continue.

  1. Select the location where you will be applying for your visa: Choose the closest to your residence Russian Consulate or Visa Application Centre.

Click NEXT to continue.

The next screen is a summary of all the information you have added, check all the details for accuracy, use the “edit” button to make any corrections, once you have made any corrections(if necessary) Save your application by pressing the “SAVE” button at the bottom of the screen.

The next screen will give you printing options A4 or Print Letter as well as being able to add a new application if you have a travel companion. Please select Print Letter.

Sign and write the date of your application in the designated area, below the signature line. DO NOT correct any of the answers by handwriting. NO handwriting on the application is allowed except your signature and date if you need to make a correction/edit use the log in information and print the corrected version.


  1. Vivienne Hall Reply

    Thanks for your comprehensive guide to filling out the form However I do not have 3 previous passports to add to the Is this your first British Passport ? section. I only have one previous to the one being used, as the others were very old and have been shredded.
    What should I do?
    Vivienne Hall

    • Anna Orlova Reply

      Hey Vivienne,

      Thanks for the good feedback! In this case, you would have to call the Russian Consulate, Embassy, or a Visa Centre and ask them directly. I would assume you can just fill in the data from the passports you have but double-check with the Russian authorities, please.

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