A map of Moscow will be useful during your trip. We have found several plans and maps that can help you prepare the trip or to use on site. Please note that you can download these maps to your phone to view them in Russia, even without an internet connection. You can also print them.

Moscow Tourist Map

This map is published by the Moscow City Tourism Committee. It only shows the city centre but already allows you to quickly visualize where the main sites are located. In the heart of the city, you will recognize the Moscow Kremlin. On its right side is Red Square with Lenin’s mausoleum and at the end the Basilica of Basilica the Blessed. At the top right, you will see Leningrad, Yaroslav and Kazan stations. The first is to reach St Petersburg by train, the others are departures from the Trans-Siberian Railway. You can download this tourist plan from the official website.

Moscow tourist Map

Map of Moscow with Monuments

This plan comes from an unidentified source on the Internet. It is repeated many times without mentioning the source. This plan makes it very easy to identify the city’s areas of interest. On this subject, we have a dedicated article Top 15 places to visit in Moscow.

Point n°30 is the skyscraper of the Hotel Ukraine, the starting point for Radisson cruises. The imposing building complex at the bottom right is the University. At the very top is the famous statue “The worker and the kolkhozian”, made for the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1937. Next to it is the exciting Astronautical Memorial Museum and the Parussian Exhibition Centre (VDNKh). To the right, bordered by a small canal, is the Izmaïlovo market and its Kremlin.

Moscow Map with Monuments

Moscow Metro Map

This plan comes from the official website of the Moscow metro in November 2017. You can consult the interactive map here (in Russian). You can also download the Moscow metro map from the official website.

Some points of reference:

  • “Okhotny Riad”/ “Teatralnaya”/ “Ploshad Revolyutsii”: This is the nearest station to Red Square, the Bolshoi Theatre and the Basilica Basilica.
  • “Alexandrovsky Sad”/ “Biblioteka Imenin Lenina”/ “Borovitskaya”: The most convenient way to reach the entrance of the Moscow Kremlin.
  • “Tretyakovskaya”: to go to the Tretyakov Gallery
  • “Oktyabrskaya”: the French Embassy and Gorky Park
  • “Dostoevskaya”: to walk to the very interesting Gulag Museum
  • “Sportivnaya”: next to the Novodievitchi convent

Moscow Metro Map

Map of the Moscow metro to be printed

Moscow City Hall publishes a map of the metro that is better suited for printing. We advise you to print it in colour because it is much easier to find your way around the metro with the colours.

Moscow metro map for printing version

Map of Moscow with metro

This map comes from an unidentified source. It allows you to locate metro stations in relation to the surrounding streets.
Be aware that this type of map is visible on Google Maps by activating the “Public Transport” view.

Yandex Maps also offers this view. In addition, Yandex Maps offers to download offline maps on its iOs/Android application. This could be useful for your trip!

Moscow city map with metro

I hope that these maps of Moscow will be useful for your trip. Also remember to consult our article Moving around Moscow: metro, bus, tram.

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