A map of St. Petersburg will be useful to help you find your way around and guide you. Here is a selection of the best plans and maps that can help you during your trip. Nowadays there are also mobile applications such as Google Maps and Yandex Maps that make it even easier to find your way around with GPS. The Yandex Maps application allows you to download maps offline for viewing in Russia without an internet connection. Think about it!

Map of St. Petersburg Monuments

This map, made by the St. Petersburg City Hall, represents the monuments on a map of the city. Very useful to visualize where the city’s points of interest are located You can see very well the fortress-island Pierre-et-Paul and the cathedral of Saint-Isaac with its very large dome. On the far right, on the banks of the Neva River, it is the Smolny convent. To the right of Saint-Isaac Cathedral, after the bridge, is the Winter Palace: the Hermitage. From there you can see Nevsky Avenue which goes to the monastery of St. Alexander Nevsky (bottom right, before the Neva). On Nevsky Avenue, you can see Notre-Dame-de-Kazan Cathedral, recognizable by its semi-circular columns.

Map of St. Petersburg in Russia

Map of the Saint Petersburg Metro

Here is an official map of the St. Petersburg metro from August 2018, which can still be used in 2019 as nothing changed. This plan is from the official website of the St. Petersburg metro. The dotted lines are under construction. You can download this map of the metro from the official website.

Some points of reference:

  • “Gor’kovskaya” (blue line): the closest to the Peter and Paul Fortress. Right next to the station, looking at the entrance to the St. Petersburg mosque is very beautiful.
  • “Nevskiy Prospekt” / “Gostiny Dvor” (blue/green line): next to Notre-Dame-de-Kazan and especially the cathedral Saint-Sauveur-sur-le-sang versed. At the intersection of Nevsky Avenue and the canal, notice the book house with its very art-deco style. This is the Singer building, built by the sewing machine manufacturer at its height.
  • “Admiralteyskaya” (purple line): ideal for going to St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Admiralty and the Vodka Museum.
  • “Ploschad Vosstanya” / “Mayakovskaya” (red/green line): This is where the Moscow train station is located, to reach Moscow by train.
  • “Moskovskaya” (blue line, south): this is where bus No. 39 to the airport is located.

Plan of Saint Petersburg metro

Map of St. Petersburg with the metro

I find myself better when the metro lines are indicated on a more classic background map. This map also exists and is also provided by the St. Petersburg metro. So here is a map of St. Petersburg with the metro lines drawn above. The names of the stations are in Russian. There are more dotted lines (under construction) because this plan includes construction forecasts to 2025.

Map of St. Petersburg with metro

Maps of St. Petersburg

The Tourism Development Committee of the City of St. Petersburg publishes a website, maps and plans of St. Petersburg to help travellers in their travel. The cards are very well made, we propose here those that we consider useful.

Transport and monument plan for the city centre of St Petersburg

You can download this map from the official website. This card is also available free of charge at the city’s tourist kiosks. Feel free to take one as soon as you arrive. This map of St. Petersburg is very useful if you plan to organize your own visits.

Map of Saint Petersburg center and monuments

Map of transport and palaces around St. Petersburg

Very convenient to know which bus to take to Peterhof Palace or Tsarskoe Selo. You can find this map on the official website.

Map of Saint Petersburg transport and palaces

Tourist map of the surroundings of St. Petersburg

Here we find places of interest that are not in the territory of the city of St. Petersburg but are in the Leningrad region (Leningrad Oblast). Peterhof Palace or Tsarskoe Selo are not included because they are located in the territory of the city of St. Petersburg. You can find this map on the official website.

Map of Saint Petersburg for tourists

 Historical Map of St. Petersburg

This is what St. Petersburg looked like in the 18th century. This map gives a good idea of the historical centre of St. Petersburg. You can already see the winter palace, the Pierre-et-Paul fortress, Nevsky Avenue, the New Holland fortress, the Smolny convent and the canals. Note the absence of Saint-Sauveur Cathedral and Saint-Isaac Cathedral, 19th century buildings. This plan is in French because this period of the Russian Empire was marked by a great European influence, mainly French, Italian and German. See this map on the official website.

Historical Map of Saint Petersburg

Map of the city of Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo)

This brightly coloured card comes from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pushkin and Pavlosk. You will find Catherine’s Palace, its park and several elements that make it up (the Hermitage, the Turkish baths). On the other side of Catherine’s Palace, it is the park and Alexander Palace. On the far right, it is the arrival station from St. Petersburg. The walk takes about 30 minutes, otherwise there are minibuses.

Map of Pushkin village - Tsarskoe selo

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