Russia is amazing, but you’ll need a visa to enjoy its myriad sights!

Getting a Russian visa used to be a traditional bureaucratic nightmare, with tons of paperwork and lots of frustration. Today, thanks to visa support letters and the power of the internet, things are a lot better.

Still, you want to avoid hassle, extra fees and the few remaining bureaucratic pitfalls.

That’s why I prepared this step-by-step guide for YOU! There are tons of how-to articles, so I wanted to stand out by providing clear instructions. Hopefully, you’ll find this article helpful and get your visa as cheaply as possible.

I also wanted to cover most visa situations for UK citizens, including those who travel solo and those who want to visit Russia through a tourist agency. Just keep in mind that if you’re not a UK citizen, requirements might be different for you.

But for people with a British passport, visiting Russia for work, study or pleasure is easy. You can get your visa support invitation, gather all the documents and apply for your Russian visa from your computer.
Read on to see how to obtain your Russian visa!

What is a Visa?

So, what’s a Russian visa? Simply put, it’s an official document that allows you to enter and stay in Russia. All visitors need their own visa to visit Russia. Your visa all sorts of official information, including:

  • Info about when you enter and leave Russia
  • How many times are allowed to enter Russia
  • The purpose of your stay
  • Your passport details
  • Information about your visa sponsor, also known as host organization or host party
Russian visa
Russian visa document example. Source:

Do You Need a Visa to Visit Russia?

Indeed you do!

Even though Russia and the UK are now closer than ever UK citizens need a visa to visit Russia. Actually, Russia requires visas for visitors from most countries.

The only non-Russians who can enter freely are people from countries that have some sort of bilateral agreement with Russia. For example, people from former USSR countries can visit the Russian Federation with just their regular passport.
Russia might also allow visitors from other countries to enter visa-free, but you will need to contact the official info source for your country if you want to propose something like that.

The Different Types of Russian Visas

There are several different types of Russian visas:

  • Tourist visa:These are valid only for 30 days. They are the easiest to obtain and also the cheapest. Get one if you plan on visiting for leisure.
  • Business visa:These visas last for up to three years and give you more freedom to travel across this amazing country. They are more expensive to get and take more time to be ready. I wrote a comprehensive article on how to get a russian business visa step-by-step, check it out!
  • Work visa:This is the type of visa you need to obtain in order to work in Russia.
  • Private visa: These allow you to visit relatives and stay for up to 3 months. They are hard to obtain and require a lot of paperwork.
  • Humanitarian visa:Humanitarian organizations issue humanitarian visas for a range of cultural, charitable or religious reasons.
    Student visa:Student visas are visas for people studying in Russia.
    Transit visa:You will only need such a visa if you have to pass through Russia on your way to another country.
russian visa example
Russian transit visa example. Source: Wikipedia

Why do You Need an Invitation?

The visa application starts with an invitation. It’s the first document you need for your visa application.

If you are going to Russia for business, you will need an invitation from a Russian company in order to issue a business visa. For work visas, you will need the invitation from the specific company that is going to hire you. Students must be invited by the university they will be studying at.
You can obtain a visa invitation in many different ways, including from visa invitation services from tour operators.

When Obtaining a tourist visa invitation, make sure you read the fine print, as many tourist agencies will try to pigeonhole you into specific itineraries in order to give you an invitation letter.

What do You Need to Obtain a Russian Visa?

To get your hands on a Russian visa, you need to complete the visa application. This used to be done through the Russian Embassy’s Website.

However, the demand has skyrocketed in the last few years. That’s Why the Russian Embassy has outsourced all visa application processes to, M/S VF Services (UK) Ltd. This private company runs the new Russian Visa Centre Application Website:

Thanks To this new service, you no longer need an appointment and you avoid all queues. This saves A LOT of time!

russian visa application online
The Russian Visa Centre Application Website front page

Where to Apply for a Russian Visa?

So, you can now process your application through the Visa Centre Website from the comfort of your home, except for a brief drive to the Russian Visa Application Centre in London for a quick biometric scan.

The Russian Visa Application Centre in London on Google Maps.

Address: 15-27 Gee St, London EC1V 3RD, UK

Phone: +44 905 889 0149


Since 10 December 2014, UK citizens are required to go to the visa application centre to get their fingerprints, also known as“biometric data”, collected.

Thankfully, you don’t have to make a prior appointment. Just pay them a visit in the above address to get your fingers inked. The Process is quick and easy. In case you need other services, you’ll also find photo booths and printing facilities to help you with your visa needs.

Visa Requirements

First, you need to obtain a visa support invitation from whoever is inviting you to Russia. With your invitation in hand, you need to prepare a number of documents. These include:

UK Travel Passport

Your UK passport should be valid for at least 6 months after the date your Russian visa expires. Moreover, your passport must have been active for at least a year and a half. So, if you’re planning on visiting Russia, you need a mature passport, but one that’s not near expiration!

Passport-Size Photos

You will need two 35mm x 45mm photos, one of which will go to your visa. Follow all considerations when taking the photo. These include:

  • Head in the centre
  • Looking straight ahead
  • No accessories or jewellery
  • Plain background
  • No hair obstructing your face

Visa Support Documents

Depending on visa type, you will need to provide the consulate with the appropriate support documents. For example, you must confirm your hotel reservation to issue a tourist visa.

For a business visa, you must procure documents proving your business with the Russian company that invited you. This is usually written statement that includes the full business information of the host organization, as well as the details of the person who wrote the invitation.

Russian Visa Application Form

To apply, you must fill the online application and then print it from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. During the application process, you will be asked to write information you will find in your visa support docs, so get those first before continuing.

Travel Insurance and Financial Documents

Finally, you should also consider travel insurance. This is not required, but if you opt for it, it must be valid for your full stay and include an HIV certificate.

Queue for russian visa application

When to Apply?

Getting all your documents and then applying for a visa will take time, so it’s best to start early. Start at least a month early to get your visa ready in time. If you have a valid passport and all copies of your documents, you might be able to complete the whole process in about a week, or a couple of days, if you opt for expedited visa application.

How Much Does a Russian Visa Cost?

Thankfully, not as much as it used to! To get your visa, you will need to pay three different fees:

  • The Visa Support Invitation Letter:This is the first document you need to obtain, and it’s also the cheapest. A tourist visa invitation costs around £15-20 and a business visa invitation cost around £30. Services like Russian Support offer  price guarantee to ensure you’re getting the lowest price.
  • Visa Processing Fee: This is also known as consular taxes and will set you back £70 for a normal visa application, or £141 for an expedited visa.
  • Service Charge: You will also have to pay a service charge according to the type of visa. Regular Visa applications incur £38.40 charges and take 5 working days to complete, and expedited applications incur £45.60 in service charges, but are processed in the next workday.

Multi-Entry visas are somewhat more expensive and if you wish to have your passport returned to you via courier to your specified address by the Russian Embassy, you will have to pay an additional£9.80.

Applying For a Russian Visa in the UK: Step-By-Step Instructions

So, now that you know the process, it’s time to get into the nuts and bolts of getting your own Russian Visa.

I’ll share my experience in as much detail as possible below. If you already have some experience with visas, you might be able to do the whole thing with just the stuff I wrote above. However, there are still lots of useful tips and details you might find if you keep on reading.

1. Have a Valid Passport

As I said before, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your visa expires. Moreover, your passport must be active for at least 18 months. Otherwise, your visa application will be declined.

uk passport
Make sure your passport is at least 18 months old! Source: Wikipedia

Remember that your Russian visa is an add-on document that you must stick inside your passport, so you will need a minimum of 2 blank pages that face each other. Otherwise, your passport won’t be able to accommodate your new visa!

2. Plan Your Itinerary

So, what will you do with your Russian visa?

You will need to include the date of the first and the last day of your stay. These dates are defined by the dates of your trip. That’s why you need to plan your itinerary in advance before applying for your visa.

Even though you have to define entry and exit dates, you don’t have to complete the purchase of your tickets before your visa is approved. You can book your dates through any travel agency or any airline.

However, if you apply for a visa before you buy or at least book your tickets, you might have to pay extra to find tickets for the exact days. Moreover, you might not find tickets for the exact dates, and this might force you to cut your trip to Russia short!

Generally speaking, the earlier you book your tickets, the cheaper they will be. That said, there’s the tiny chance that your visa will be declined and you’ll be stuck with tickets you can’t use! Don’t Worry though, visa denials are exceedingly rare if your passport is in order.

You may also opt for a visa that covers a longer period of time than your travel. If you include days before you actually visit, you can save yourself some hassle when it comes to booking tickets. Just make sure your entry and exit dates are covered!

Once you’ve booked or pre-booked your flights, it’s time to plan out your itinerary in more detail. Ask yourself the following questions:

You must include the cities you will be visiting. You must also note if you will be making multiple entries in Russia during the duration of your visa. For example, if you want to hop over to some neighbouring country like China, you must include it in your itinerary.

To find accommodation, check online and try various different sources. Some hotels offer lower prices through certain platforms like Tripadvisor, or Ostrovok (Russian-focused). Others will give you the best price only if you book directly from their site.

Your Russian trip itinerary can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be. You can go for an urban adventure in Moscow, or climb on the Trans-Siberian and lay back to enjoy the sights.

3. Obtain a Letter of Invitation via Russian Visa Support

As we’ve seen before, you need an invitation before you start your visa application process. to be invited. Your invitation can come from a variety of sources. You can do it yourself, through an agent, or through your hotel.

Keep in mind that even if you get your invitation through a hotel, you can stay in a different hotel or apartment once you arrive. Contrary to what many agents claim, your support letter does not bind you to any one accommodation when you arrive, as long as you’re staying in the same city.

For me, the easiest and cheapest way is through services like Russia Support or iVisa. You don’t even need a hotel reservation to get visa support. You just need a Russian citizen, business, hotel or organization to get you invited.

Your Visa Support Document

Any of the hotels you will be staying, or services like Russia Support will issue you the visa support invite. The invitation is made of two parts, both printed on a single A4 page:

  • The Tourist Voucher: This includes your personal information, your itinerary and the hotel services you have paid for.
  • The Confirmation Letter: Includes personal info but also details on the use of the hotel you will be visiting. You will need to fill in the name of the inviting organization, their address, the reference number and a confirmation number.

Here is a screenshot of an actual visa support letter for a tourist visa:

russian visa support letter

Getting your Letter of Invitation

If you don’t have a relative or an institution to invite you, you can either get your visa invitation from any of the hotels you will be staying at or through an agency like Russia Support or iVisa.

Hotels usually charge significantly more than the aforementioned services, and they take longer to deliver the invitation to you.

My suggestion is to grab an invitation from Russia Support or iVisa and just book your itinerary from a hotel. It’s faster, cheaper and overall easier.

Moreover, if you get your invitation through those agencies, you can change hotels without having to get a new invitation. To get a visa, you only need to include the cities you will be staying at in your itinerary. You don’t have to have a hotel reservation!

So, I’ve mentioned Russia Support and iVisa already. It’s time we dug deeper into each service. Those are the two best I’ve found, so you can pick the one you prefer. Both services cost less than twenty pounds and guarantee top-tier quality.

Russia Support

Russia Support guarantees the lowest price for an invitation for just £14,90. Their service is super-easy to use and the form is intuitive and user-friendly.

Through Russia Support, you can get your invitation letter in a ready-to-print form. You can just grab the visa invitation from there and combine it with your other documents during application.

If you’ve got all your information in order, they will send you a letter of invitation within minutes from applying, though it can take a bit longer during peak hours.

Russia Support processes more than a hundred visas daily (132 per day last time I checked) and YOU can be next.

You can start the process of getting you letter of invitation through this link.

Let’s see each step below:

1. Visa Information

Russia support - Visa information

2. Confirmation Page

Russia support confirmation page

3. Payment Method

Russia support payment

Pick a payment method and then fill in your card/Paypal Details.

Russia support payment process

4. Get Your Invitation

And BOOM! After a few minutes, you get an invitation that looks like this one:

Russian visa invitation

You now have to fill in the information from the invitation into your visa application. The important things are:


  • Name of the host organization
  • Address of host organization
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs reference number
  • Voucher and Confirmation number




iVisa is the other of my favourite invitation letter services. The System is fast and foolproof. You fill in your info, process payment and grab an invite ASAP.

The current price is a bit more than £16 per visa invitation. I did a quick test and it costs £16.65 at the time of writing this article.

You can start applying for an invitation letter here.

Like with Russia Support, let’s see the steps below:

1. Visa Information

iVisa information

2. Confirmation Page

iVisa support letter

3. Payment Method

iVisa Payment

4. Receive Your Invitation

iVisa invitation

Like with Russia Support, you just have to fill in the information from your invitation in your visa application (more about this below). The important bits of info are:

  • Name of host organization
  • Address of host organization
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs reference number
  • Voucher and Confirmation number

4. How to Fill In Your Visa Application Form

Before continuing, make sure you have all the info we mentioned earlier. To recap, this information includes:

  • Itinerary dates
  • Letter of invitation
  • Passport
  • Purpose of visit
  • Insurance policy information

With the above in hand, you can visit to start filling in your form digitally.

A. The Main Page

russian visa application online

To get started, select your country and the help language. Read all the relevant info very carefully!

You can’t pause the application process for more than 20 minutes, or it will reset and you will have to do it all over again. You may opt to save your application as a draft to avoid this.

Next, click “Complete new application form” to continue.

B. User Account and Electronic Visa Application Form ID Pages

electronic visa to Russia application form

This will take you to a screen where you get your electronic visa application form ID. It is very important to write this number down!

Application for russian visa With your code, you can return here to continue your application if you are missing any documents or relevant information. You will need the code to log into the Ministry’s system and complete your application.

So, pick a password, write down your visa application form ID number, and click “Next”.

C. Visa Details

Electronic visa - details

This will take you to the Visa details page. Here you will need to fill in a number of boxes, including:

  • Nationality
  • If you had USSR or Russian nationality in the past
  • Purpose of your visit
  • Visa category and type
  • Number of entries
  • Date of entry
  • Date of exit

If you’ve followed the guide up to now, you will have all that info available. Fill in the boxes and click the “Next” button.

D. Personal Details

Application for a Russian visa - personal details

Next, after the Visa details page, we have the Personal details page. Here you will have to type down your personal information as it appears on your national passport:

  • Surname
  • First name, middle name, and patronymic names
  • If you ever had any other names, including maiden names, pseudonyms or holy order names
  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • If you were born in Russia
  • Your marital status

E. Passport Details

electronic visa application - passport details

Next, we have the Passport Details page. In here, you will have to fill in the following:

  • Type of passport
  • Passport number
  • Date of issue
  • Date of expiry
  • The name of the authority that issued your passport (Almost always the United Kingdom Identity Passport Service IPS)

F. Visit Details

Electronic visa application visit details

Next, we have the Visit Details page. Lots of stuff to fill in here, but you probably have all of them at hand already from your itinerary details and your visa support invitation. Specifically, you need:

  • Travel company
  • Name of organization
  • Address
  • Reference number
  • Confirmation number

Good news is that you only have to jot down the visa support info for the first location you will visit even if you have multiple visa support documents.

Next, if you have travel insurance, jot down insurance company details and your insurance number. You will also have to specify who is paying for your trip to Russia. Almost always pick“Independently” here, unless you are sponsored by some organization.

Then type down your itinerary details and the cities you will be visiting. Remember that you are not bound by the hotel details you write down in this section. These are for reference, and you will be fine to stay in other hotels as long as you remain in the same city.

G. Additional Information

Electronic visa to Russia application

Oh boy! Do you know about nuclear weapons, or are you a criminal? The answer to all questions in this sections is “No” except for the questions “Has this application been completed personally by you?” to which you should reply with “Yes”.

H. Education and Work Experience

Online application for russian visa

Next, you have to write down your education level, excluding secondary school. You must also write if you have changed places of work recently.

Note that depending on your previous answers, you might need to attach cover letters that prove your education level.

I. Last Visit Details

Online application form for russian visa

On the next page, write if you had a Russian visa before. You will also need to remember the places you’ve been in the last decade, and whether your passport has been stolen in the past.

J. Miscellaneous Information

Online application for russian visa step by step

Almost done! In the Miscellaneous Information page, fill in family information and your residential address. You may also have to fill in the details of your school or the company you work for.

Finally, mark if you have relatives currently living in Russia.

K. Appointment Details

Electronic application for russian visa - appointment details

Finally, pick where you will be processing your visa. You have 3 Visa Application Centre options:

  • London
  • Edinburgh
  • Manchester

L. Summary and Download Pages

russian visa application online - visa details

After you’ve finished, you will be taken to a summary page where you can review all the details you’ve inserted. Review them to ensure everything is in order and click the save button.

Electronic application for a russian visa - print

On the download page, you can print your application directly on a A4 page or save it as a PDF.

5. Print, Complete and Sign the Form

We are almost there! Now, print the visa application form and sign it. You then have to attach a passport photo as we’ve seen before.


  • Head in the center
  • Looking straight ahead
  • No accessories or jewelry
  • Plain background
  • No hair obstructing your face

You can find more info about biometrics and acceptable visa photos on the official page here:

6. Bank Statements for Company Directors, Self-Employed, Working from Home and Unemployed Visitors

If you are in one of the above categories, you will need to attach bank statements for three months.

In these statements, you need to prove that you had a balance of at least £100/day during your stay.

Just call your bank and have them mail you the relevant statements. You can then attach them to your application.

7. Bring everything to the Visa Application Centre


Now take the printed form to the  Application Centre that is nearest to you. Remember that these are located in:

  • London
  • Edinburgh
  • Manchester

You have to visit physically so the embassy gets your fingerprints to complete your visa application. You may be asked to leave your passport for the duration of the process.

8. Tracking Your Application

After your application, you will have to wait for it to get processed. You can track the status of your application here:

When your visa is ready, you will need to show your receipt as proof of delivery of your passport.

Remember that applications can take up to 5 days, while expedited applications are (usually) ready in the next working day.

9. Medical Insurance

While you wait, it’s a good idea to look into medical insurance for your trip. While this is not a legal requirement for citizens of the UK visiting Russia, it’s useful to get one and it costs next to nothing.

Travel insurance will compensate you in case your flights are canceled and cover any medical expenses that might incur during your visit.

What Should You do after Obtaining Your Visa

You’ve just got your brand new Visa. Now what?

While you’re ready to visit Russia, you will have to take two more steps once you get there: your migration card and your visa registration.

You can complete the migration card at the customs office when you arrive in Russia. Most hotels complete visa registration once a client arrives.

When travelling across Russia, make sure you always carry your passport, your migration card and your registry accreditation in case you are asked to present them to an officer of the law.

Migration Card

When you first enter Russia you will need to complete your migration card. This Is usually done at airports and during passport control. It’s quick, free and painless.

The migration card comes in two parts. One part stays with the border police and the second part is handed to you. Keep your immigration card with you at all times to prove how you entered Russia.

You will also need your migration card to leave the country, so don’t lose it!

Migration card for Russia
Migration card. Source:

Visa Registration

After you’ve arrived in Russia and received your migration card, you have 7 working days to register your visa. This does not apply if you’re staying for less than 7 working days.

By registering your Russian visa, you are essentially telling the authorities where you are staying. You have to register your visa to each city you visit. To do so, you need to fill in a short registration form.

Hotels will automatically register your visa. But, if you plan on staying in an Airbnb apartment, you have to get your Russian host to complete the registration step.

Russian visa registration sample
Visa registration sample

In Summary

So, let’s recap what we’ve learned so far:

  1. You can apply for a visa to Russia at the Russian Visa Centre Application Website. This will cost you a total of £108.40.
  2. You need a valid passport that is at least 18 months old and more than 6 months away from expiring after your visit to Russia.
  3. You also need a letter of invitation from services like Russia Support or iVisa for about £15.
  4. You need some other documents, most of which you can gather easily and painlessly.
  5. With all the documents in hand, complete the visa application form at:
  6. Print and sign the visa application form, then attach your photo.
  7. Take the signed application to one of the free visa application centres (London, Edinburgh or Manchester)
  8. Wait 5 days (1 day for expedited applications) and BOOM, your Russian visa is finally READY!

Got Your New Visa? Get Ready to Enjoy Russia!

Now that you have a new Russian visa, it’s time to start planning your trip to Russia in depth.

Read the story of Natasha, a girl that is continuously discovering her motherland and get inspired!

Where will you be staying? What attractions will you be seeing? How To move about each amazing Russian city?

Check out my other blog posts for TONS of useful info for people visiting this amazing country. I put in a lot of good work and research into my articles, and today I hope I aided you in getting a visa to see the amazing sights that Russia has to offer!

If you have any comments or questions, I would love to hear them below. Thank you!

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