When going back home from your grand vacation, you aren’t likely to face customs constructions; however, when moving or going back from a shopping tour, you might well find your luggage subject to such restrictions. In this article, we are going to tell you how much you can bring to Russia what is the duty free allowance, and how expensive those things can be before hitting the duty threshold.

Russia duty free allowance

If you don’t want to pay customs duties and want to undergo the green-channel border check as opposed to the red one, your luggage has to meet the following requirements:

  • Your luggage only includes your personal items or goods for your personal use. Goods for resale are subject to mandatory customs clearance.

What are goods for personal use?

Goods for personal use are goods brought for personal, family, household, other non-business-related use by natural persons, transported across the customs borders as accompanied or non-accompanied luggage or otherwise.

Here’s more detailed information on goods for personal use and minimum batch quantities.

  • Your luggage must not exceed 50 kg in weight. Be careful when flying from the US or Canada, where weight in excess of 50 kg is permissible. You won’t have to pay extra for this luggage, but upon arrival in Russia, some of your stuff will be subject to clearance.

This also applies to business class passengers. For instance, Aeroflot allows its business class passengers to travel with two 32 kg luggage slots and 15 kg of carry-on luggage, which is 79 kg in total. However, 50 kg is the limit of duty-free import.

  • The imported goods must not exceed EUR 10,000 in price. Note that this restriction only applies to those who enter Russia by air.

If traveling by train, bus, or car, the limit is EUR 1,500.

When flying back from a great shopping tour, EUR 10,000 is actually not that much. Some flights are exposed to a greater attention from the customs officers; this is especially true for flights from Milan. Ordinary tax-free receipts and price tags can “betray” you.


If your goods exceed EUR 10,000 in price or 50 kg in weight, customs duty is levied.

  • For a total price of between EUR 10,000 and RUB 650,000, the duty is 30% of the customs value of the goods with a minimum of 4 euros per kilogram.
  • For a total weight of 50 to 200 kg, the duty is 30% of the customs value with a minimum of 4 euros per kilogram.


To declare the goods you import, you must pass through the red channel.

Fill in the Customs Declaration in advance and show your passport and proof-of-value for the declared goods.


You can download the customs declaration form in english here.

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