We are in the glorious city of St. Petersburg now, but we’ve never written about it yet. Ok, let’s change this! Today we’ll tell you how to choose a hotel in St. Petersburg and what to pay attention to.

When is it best to travel to st. Petersburg?

The best time to go to St. Petersburg is, of course, June, as it is only in June that you can witness the famous White Nights.

Note that it is also more expensive to travel in June.

If you don’t want to pay extra, visit the city in May, July, August, or September. St. Petersburg is quite cold in winter or late fall; the northern winds mean a long walking tour is not an option. Unless you’re going to spend your time in museums mostly. Besides, you won’t see the true beauty of fountains and parks in Peterhof, Pushkin, and other suburbs in the fall or winter.

Where to look for accommodation?

Well, the downtown is the more convenient option. However, avoid hotels overlooking Nevsky Prospekt, it’s too noisy. That street has some noisy traffic you probably won’t withstand. That’s especially true for non-conditioned rooms where you might have to keep the windows open.

The same applies to such vibrant streets as Ligovsy Prospekt, Liteiny Prospekt, or Moskovsky Prospekt.

If you’re planning to stay at a 4* or 5* hotel, then you can safely book a Nevsky Prospekt hotel. More expensive hotels usually don’t have any problems with noise.

One more thing to note about big hotels. They frequently host conferences, which some guests may find inconvenient. If you want a relaxing stay, ask the hotel representatives in advance whether the hotel is going to host any kind of conferences, and if so, where it is going to take place and whether it will be a distraction for guests.

Don’t forget the bridges!

When booking a hotel in Petrogradka or on the isles of Krestovsky or Vasilievsky, don’t forget that bridges are drawn by night, and getting home might be a problem. Check the drawing schedule in advance.

Or the old town!

St. Petersburg is an open-air museum in its own right. The downtown contains a lot of pre-Revolutionary houses.

Cheap mini-hotels and hostels frequently occupy a floor or half a floor in such houses. Whereas the hotel might look neat, don’t expect the same from the entrance.

The same building or even the same floor might contain other hotels, offices, and apartments, which is why entrances are often intercom-locked.

In-room amenities

Most low-budget hotels in St. Petersburg don’t offer in-room amenities.

When choosing a hotel, pay attention to such labels as Shared Bathroom, Shared WC. That means you’ll have to share these amenities with a few other rooms or even with the entire floor.

A spacious room with a flat-screen TV and a kettle.

Services and amenities: desk, heating, wooden/parquet flooring, wardrobe, shared bathroom, shared WC, flat-screen TV, electric kettle, kitchenware

Room area: 18 sq.m.

Bed size: 1 sofa bed, 1 king-size bed


 Where to book?

The first place to go is Booking.com. However, Ostrovok.ru and Oktogo.ru have a better selection of St. Petersburg hotels. These booking providers are Russian and they have more Russian hotels in their databases.

Don’t forget about the Booking.com guarantee. If another provider offers a cheaper hotel, Booking.com will reimburse the difference. For more details on guaranteed pricing, go here.

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