Get help with your Russian Tourist Visa for UK citizens, Invitation Letter right now

Hi, I am Anna. At this site, I am helping UK citizens to find answers to all the questions about getting your Russian tourist visa, Invitation Letter (visa support or tourist voucher) and all other registration processes you might face. If you already know how the Russian visas work, call us at + 44 (0) 207 100 7370 right now! We’ll be happy to procure all documents you might need!

How do Rusian tourist visas work?

First, you need to obtain the Letter of Invitation. It’s a document, issued by a Russia-based organization and used to identify the reasons for your travel to Russia. You use this document as part of your visa package. I strongly recommend Russia Support company where you can get the Letter of Invitation for your Russian tourist visa within half an hour! They’ll deliver it to your email. You just print it out and use to apply for the visa. You don’t have to specify a particular hotel and you can subsequently change the data you indicate in the “visa support”. Whenever any changes are required, just contact us at + 44 (0) 207 100 7370 and we’ll fix your problems for you. You’ll need to use this Letter of Invitation when you contact the Russian Embassy or Consulate in UK. You can get either tourist or business visa. The tourist one is much easier to obtain. If you are travelling to Russia for leisure and tourism, the tourist visa is the best choice. The travel term should not longer than 30 days though. If you are 12 y.o. or older, you’ll need to go through the biometric data collection process. It’s not as scary as it sounds. You’ll just need to submit your fingerprints. The Letter of Invitation should be procured for all UK citizens, so don’t forget to discuss this with the company who helps you with this process. If you are already travelling throughout Russia, you can contact HelloRussia and get expert assistance with your registration and visa processes. We’ll help you out with accommodation, documents, registrations and transport. It’s great to travel across Russia the DIY style, but it’s also beneficial to have a good assistant as a backup plan.